Schecter USA Custom Shop SunsetStrip BR BLK(TRAD) 6107 Pickup

Price: $129.00
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SUNSET STRIP Bridge TRADITIONAL SPACING Agile and hostile, the Sunset Strip delivers a barely street legal mixture of power, gain and sustain. Its ceramic magnet provides increased tonal dynamics and natural compression that allows your guitar to cut through any mix. In addition, the four conductor wiring lets you to split the coils, thus giving you a vast array of tonal options. Design Bridge Position Traditional Spacing (49mm) Tapped Design 4 Conductor Harness Solid Nickel silver base plate DC Resistance Primary wind 6.3 K ohms 12.6 K ohms at full power Gauss Field Ceramic 8 direct couple construction Pole Pieces 6 @ .1875" nickel plated carbpn steel 6 #5 slot pan head philips, nickel plated carbon steel
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