Schecter USA Custom Shop Pasadena VT-1 Bridge 6375 Pickup

Price: $109.00
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Pasadena VT-1 Bridge
For the tone hound searching for the vintage look, feel and sound of a classic T style pickup! The Pasadena VT-1 features an old school construction with choice components such as copper plated steel baseplates, vintage fiberboard bobbins, and alnico V hand beveled pole pieces! This combination makes these pickups the standard for our popular PT Vintage guitar, or a great choice for hot-rodding or refurbishing your favorite old Tele! The cloth covered pushback lead wire and the vintage dyed cotton cord finish wrap on bobbin, complete this pickup's authentic look.
Available in neck position.
Bridge Position
Universal Spacing (55.12 mm)            
2 Conductor cloth covered pushback wire harness
Copper plated steel shielding underside
DC Resistance
6.89 k ohms 

*Resistance readings are approximates and can have minor fluctuations.

Gauss Field
6 alnico V rod magnets
Pole Pieces
6 hand beveled rod magnets
Traitional VFB bobbin construction
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