Schecter USA Custom Shop Pasadena Plus BR BLK(TRAD) 6199 Pickup

Price: $129.00
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PASADENA PLUS Bridge TRADITIONAL SPACING Originally wound custom for Avenged Sevenfold's Zacky Vengeance, the Pasadena Plus is our Pasadena humbucker on steroids. More output, more upper-mids, without sounding scooped. The tapped tone is articulate and defined. ERG available. Design Bridge Position Traditional Spacing (49mm) Tapped Design 4 Conductor Harness Solid Nickel Base plate DC Resistance Primary wind 7.5 K ohms 15 K ohms at full power Gauss Field Alnico V direct coupled construction Pole Pieces 6 @.1875" nickel plated carbon steel 6 #5 slot pan head Philips nickel plated carbon steel
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