Schecter USA Custom Shop Pasadena BR BLK(TRAD) 6150 Pickup

Price: $129.00
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PASADENA Bridge TRADITIONAL SPACING The first Sun Valley designed Schecter pickup. The Pasadena is voiced in the tonal and output realm of a PAF but with just a little more push. The Alnico-5 yields EQ balance, and adds a slight upper-mid musical bump with just enough output to drive the front end of your amp. Think the "brown sound" of the great rock band that hails from this pickup's namesake! Available in both ERG and Neck spacing. Design Bridge Position Traditional Spacing (49.2mm) 4 Conductor Harness Solid nickel-silver baseplate DC Resistance Primary wind 5.6 k ohms 11.2 at full power Gauss Field Alnico V direct coupled construction Pole Pieces 6 @ .1875" nickel plated carbon steel 6 #5 slot pan head Philips nickel plated carbon steel
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