At Drum City Guitarland, we never sell our instruments straight out of the box.

Each stringed instrument is hand inspected twice by our on-site technician - once when it arrives and again when you purchase it!

With each instrument purchase, our tech will setup the item to your personal settings.  This includes:  gauge of strings, desired tuning, string action (for guitars) and more!

Note:  We process all online orders manually!  After receiving your order, we will contact you directly to go over your order by e-mail OR phone.

With credit card payments, we ship to the billing address on the credit card only!

If you pay with PayPal, we will send you a PayPal invoice to pay from.   We ship to the confirmed PayPal address only.

Some items have Free Fed Ex Ground shipping included, some heavy items do not. Please contact us before you order to confirm this.