Schecter USA Custom Shop SYNYSTER GATES SIGNATURE Black Bridge Pickup 6531

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Price: $159.00
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A lethal convergence of power, sustain, clarity and sonic definition! Syn’s new passive powerhouse pushes almost 18K while retaining detail and dynamics. Utilizing three precision milled ceramic-8 magnets and topped with a Black German Silver cover with Syn’s logo boldly etched. Each pickup is hand wax potted to eliminate feedback and squeal, even at ungodly volumes. 4-conductor wiring is standard for additional tonal options. Available in a calibrated set in either 49mm (traditional) and 53mm (Tremolo) spacing, packaged in a matching etched commemorative tin. Individual Bridge versions will also available.

"After spending countless hours experimenting and testing, one day I plugged in and realized I was playing through the greatest pickups I had ever heard or felt in my life" Synyster Gates

 49mm Traditional Spacing
 4 Conductor Harness / Split Coil Design
 Custom milled aircraft aluminum industrial black powder coated
Pole Pieces
 12 high carbon steel socket set adjustable pole pieces
 Ceramic 8 direct coupled tri-field construction
Output at full power
 17.6k ohms
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