Schecter USA Custom Shop NICK JOHNSTON NJ ATOMICS Pickup set

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Price: $319.00
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"Designing a pickup can be tricky. You would want it to be the most versatile and flexible guitar pickup that has ever existed. I did not take that approach with this pickup - nor do I think that approach is practical or even possible. The 'NJ Atomics" were designed with one thing in mind - to accentuate the way I play the electric guitar. After spending more than half my life playing single coil pickups, I've learned what I like and what I want to avoid. As a result, the 'NJ Atomics' are a very natural, honest and fresh set of single coil pickups that help translate what I hear in my head out into the real world. Simple as that." ...(Nick Johnston 2017)

This harmonically matched set includes a slightly higher output bridge pickup with a rwrp middle pickup for those dreamy 2 and 4 positions on the 5 way switch. The bridge pickup cuts through the mix with creamy mids and a full spectrum of tone. The construction is the perfect recipe of period correct forbon bobbins, plain enamel magnet wire and hand beveled alnico V magnets. All components aged to perfection, complete with tinted covers and cloth pushback hook up leads. This set makes a statement tonally as well as aesthetically that it means business and is here to stay.

 52mm Universal Spacing
 2 Conductor cloth covered pushback wire harness
Pole Pieces
 6 Staggered Hand beveled rod magnets
 Alnico V .195" rod magnets
Output at full power
 Bridge 8.9k ohms / Middle 6.6k ohms / Neck 6.3k ohms
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