Trick Percussion Pro 1-V Single Bass Drum Pedal
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The Pro 1-V was the first pedal produced by Trick Drums and has been the base line for all other pedal products since. Precision machine work combined with solid engineering has produced the smoothest, quietest, and most sought-after pedal on the market.

The Pro 1-V has a 10" footboard similar to many other pedals on the market. But what sets it apart are the newly engineered features by Trick.

  • All machined parts – NO DIE CAST – providing superior quality and toughness
  • Precision aerospace-grade bearings
  • Hand assembled and inspected

The Pro 1-V also has a host of features designed with the drummer in mind, most of which are protected by US patents.

  • Split-Cam design to allow adjustment of beater and pedal angles independently
  • Slide-Trac hoop clamp adjustment providing variable distance for the pedal from the kick drum
  • Highly accessible and extremely easy to use tension adjustment knob
  • Multiple height adjustment cluster to adjust the stroke speed of the pedal
  • Internal compression spring technology

The feature that most makes Trick pedals unique is that a double pedal can be split to become two single pedals. (Two single pedals can also be combined to create one double pedal, but factory modification must be made for them to do so.)

The last—but certainly not least—notable feature of Trick double pedals is the ZERO latency ZERO backlash drive shaft. Operating on eight aerospace-grade bearings, this drive shaft is the cleanest and fastest in the world, taking Trick double pedals to a whole new level.
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