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Satin Chocolate Burl over Maple shells

Diameter x Depth:
24" x 14" Kick Drum with NO mount (12-ply, 6mm)
13" x 9"  Rack Tom (9-ply, 4mm) with "TAR" Total Acoustic Resonance and AcoustiGate Suspension
16" x 15" Floor Tom on legs (9-ply, 4mm)

  • "CLTF" Cross Lamination Tension Free – Sonor’s own shell making process for superior stability and enhanced sonic quality
  • "OSM" Optimum Shell Measurement – a slightly narrow outside shell measurement for optimized drum head contact
  • "TAR" Total Acoustic Resonance + AcoustiGate – enables vibration free mounting for a pure tone and maximum sustain with unmatched projection; AcoustiGate allows to fine-tune your sonic fingerprint by turning a dial
  • TuneSafe – right in tune, 100% of the time with a patented system, that prevents tension rods from loosening, giving maximum tuning stability even under extreme environments 
  • APS Advanced Projection System – prevents direct contact between wood and metal, supporting the powerful sustain of each SQ2 drum 
  • Power Hoops – Sonor Power Hoops feature 2.3mm thickness for clean tuning and a crisp attack
  • Sonor SQ2 Collectors Box - drum key, lanyard, key ring, flash drive, and sticker sheet

The SQ2 Drum System represents SONOR's extensive know-how in drum making and sound design. Building upon more than 140 years of manufacturing experience this range of custom instruments offers the ultimate in SONOR craftsmanship. It is the flagship within the SONOR Drum program.

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