65 AMPS Red Line Ventura Head

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At Drum City-Guitar Land, we never sell our instruments straight out of the box.

Each Stringed Instrument is hand inspected twice by Our on-site Technician. Once when it arrives, and again when you purchase it!

With each Instrument purchase, our Tech will set-up the item to your personal settings. This includes: gauge of strings, desired tuning, string action, and more !
Top > Amplifiers-Guitar > 65 AMPS > 65 AMPS Red Line Ventura Head
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65 AMPS Red Line Ventura Head

SALE PRICE: $1,495.00


65 AMPS Red Line Ventura Head Description
The Ventura 20-watt (2x 6V6), with hybrid London Color channel and SoHo Bump Circuit Left * Panel 1 * Panel 2 * Panel 3 * Panel 4 * Panel 5 * Panel 6 * Panel 7 The Ventura image 1 The Ventura image 2 The Ventura image 3 The Ventura image 4 The Ventura image 5 The Ventura image 6 The Ventura image 7 Right The Ventura image The Ventura image The Ventura image The Ventura image The Ventura image The Ventura image The Ventura image The Ventura is a response to the over-saturation of "Lunch Box" amps in the market that are found lacking in quality for professional players. Size and convenience should not mean compromise. The Ventura illustrates that size and convenience CAN be combined with high-level, professional functionality. The Ventura is made in 65amps’ factory in North Hollywood utilizing the same high-level materials and engineering experience of the 65amps crew. The Ventura uses 2-6V6 power section and front end utilizing 65amps’ most popular circuits, The Color channel of the London and the Bump Circuit of the SoHo. This allows the Ventura to create a rich palette of American and British tones all with the signature flair that has made 65amps a major presence on top-level tours and recording studios around the world. The "clean" side utilizes the tried and true Color Channel from 65amps' original London and the "dirty" side employs 65amps’ "Bump" circuit that made the SoHo our most popular touring amp. Players are able to seamlessly transition through 4 level of tone structure and gain structure in one amp without a thought. The Ventura is the latest offering in the 65amps "Working Pro" line that is geared towards working musicians who need super functionality and reliability while not compromising on tone and responsiveness. Tech specs: * 2x 6V6 power section * Hybrid London Color channel and SoHo gain stage front end. * EF86 Clean Channel/ EF86->12AT7 dirty side. * 12AX7 Phase inverter * 20 watts * Bump that works on both channels = 4 Voices * Passive FX Loop * Master Voltage * Knobs = Volume, Tone, Master Voltage * Switches = Manual Channel Switch & Manual Bump Switch * Footswitch = Dual button that controls channel and bump Dimensions/Weight: Ventura Head Weight: 19lbs. Size: 16 1/4" wide x 8" deep x 9 1/2" high with feet and handle
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