DW DRV6514SPC USA Collectors 6.5x14" Steel Shell Smooth Chrome Snare Drum (B-STOCK)

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DW DRV6514SPC USA Collectors

6.5x14" Snare Drum 

Steel Shell

Smooth Chrome

Another heavy-gauge rolled shell, the Collector’s Steel snare drum includes an integrated reinforcement hoop for a more focused sound. Fitted with features such as premium DW Throw-off, TrueTone snare wires and DW Heads by Remo, Steel drums are loud and metallic with a projection perfectly suited for live applications. 

These are rare Collectors Series B-Stock metal snare drums from DW

This is your opportunity to own a Collectors Series Snare drum for a one time bargain price

These are considered B-Stock Snare Drums because there are cosmetic imperfections on the shells, however, these amazing snare drums are still fully functional and the imperfections are difficult to notice.