DW Collector's Series Limited Edition Pure Tasmanian Timber 6 1/2 x14" Snare Drum,

Price: $1699.00
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#62 & 101 of 200 Made Worldwide!

John Good’s latest wood find hails from the outback in the form of a Limited Edition DW Snare Drum that is crafted at the California Custom Shop from plied Australian blackwood shells with a stunning black sassafras exotic finish. 

The signed and numbered drums are complemented by a quick Candy Black-to-Natural Lacquer burst and black nickel hardware. Blackwood offers a punchy, warm tonality that is evident in larger drum diameters and their low-end frequencies.

  • Plied Australian blackwood shells
  • Black sassafras exotic finish
  • Candy Black-to-Natural Lacquer burst
  • Black nickel hardware
  • Signed and numbered
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