Schecter USA Custom Shop SunsetStrip-7 BR Blk 6127 7-String Pickup

Price: $149.00
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SUNSET STRIP 7 Bridge UNIVERSAL SPACING Versatile and hostile and designed for today's modern 7-String player! The Sunset Strip is a convergence of power, sustain and gain. The ceramic magnet provides increased tonal dynamics and natural compression without sounding 'scooped' or squashed. Your Low-B will ring true with sonic definition. Tapping the pickup will allow for subtle passages and intricate chording to be heard. Design Bridge Position Universal Spacing (61.2mm) Tapped Design 4 Conductor Harness Solid Nickel silver baseplate DC Resistance Primary wind 6.9 K ohms 13.8 K ohms at full power Gauss Field Ceramic 8 direct couple construction Pole Pieces 7 @ .1875" nickel plated carbon steel 7 #5 slot pan head phillips nickel plated carbon steel
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