FOXGEAR Powerhouse 3000 Power Supply

Price: $119.00
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Foxgear’s new power supply is a technological marvel that has 3 separate PSUs inside allowing for a total of 3000mA available on 9 outs.

4x 9V outs (total 1A)
4x 9V outs (total 1A)
1x 12V outs (total 1A)

The particular configuration of the Powerhouse 3000 outs, lets you easily connect even an high current draining pedal to any outs, keeping the rest of the 1000mA available for other pedals in the same group.
In case of noise-conflicting-pedals, one just need move to the other isolated group to avoid any kind of ground loop.
The totally free noise circuit and design lets you correct many common problems you may have had before with your pedalboard.

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